#FEPE Tomorrow – The Future Of OOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The 52nd Annual FEPE Congress being held at The Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid kicks off this week and our European Editor Geny Caloisi will be there to let us know what happens.

Gerd Leonhard

The title for the congress is ‘TOMORROW – the future of OOH‘ and the event is very fortunate to have Gerd Leonhard, a media futurist from Switzerland as a keynote speaker.

Steffan Postaer, until recently the Chairman and Head of Creative at Euro RSCG in Chicago, will be providing a creative keynote speech as well.

The event begins with registration on the evening of Wednesday 25th, followed by 2 days Congress.

Hamish Pringle, Director General of the Institute of Practioners in Advertising (IPA) will address the event, as will Oliver Gray, Director General of the European Advertising Standards Alliance from Brussels.

The congress will also be hearing from Rob Atkinson – Clear Channel, Anna Reeves – CBS, Nigel Clarkson – Primesight, Gerry Thorley – EYE and Chris Tyquin – GOA (both from Australia) and Alex Thompson – Kinetic and Glen Wilson – Posterscope.

Lech Kaczon, the Chairman of the OOH Association from Poland will also share some experiences.

John Ellery tells us that “We will be concentrating on the future opportunities; green issues, legislation, regulations and the environment in the cities of tomorrow and innovations and digital as well as perhaps some of the dangers that might be on the horizon”.

The congress culminates with a Gala dinner to be held at the Madrid Opera house.

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  1. Ana Udrea Says:

    DOOH-dangers and environmental concerns could be two interrelated topics. In France the anti-visual-pollution regulations issued by the Department for Environment are claimed to be quite restrictive as far as digital signage is concerned.

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