RMG Solidifies Leadership Position In Airline Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

RMG Networks announced Monday that it has acquired Executive Media Network Worldwide (EMN), the leader in airport executive lounge media.

Los Angeles LAX

EMN controls virtually all of the place-based video media assets in United, Continental, Delta, US Airways, Alaska, as well as the US based inventory of KLM, Lufthansa, and Air France executive airline lounges.

EMN also has rights to sell video media assets in the terminals of the most traveled airports and executive airports in the United States and Europe, including WiFi advertising, touch screen and experiential campaigns.

In addition to airport media, EMNs advertising assets on the Amtrak Acela Express train provide further opportunities for advertisers to target an elusive, affluent, executive audience. EMN is one of the fastest growing and most profitable Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media companies in the United States.

Hold the whipped cream; I just had dessert

Garry McGuire CEO, RMG Networks told us “Advertisers have demonstrated a desire to intercept affluent, senior executives in captive viewing environments. Fortune 500 software, auto, insurance and consumer goods companies have all recognized the powerful impact of captive viewing in DOOH Media Environments”

He added “Combining EMN’s dominant position in airport digital media with RMG’s leadership position in in-flight captive seat-back television, is a powerful integrated media solution for advertisers.”

This captive viewing environment is of course one of the most in-demand digital-out-of-home media assets in the marketplace.

This announcement pretty much solidifies RMG’s existing leadership position in the airline media sector. RMG currently represents nearly 100% of the domestic seat-back television ad inventory.

Ben Little, CEO EMN told us “Joining forces with RMG Networks delivers a new level of scale and consistency that will tremendously benefit both our advertisers and media partners. This deal formalizes the long standing partnership between RMG and EMN and will help our partners get the most out of their highly targeted in-lounge, train and in-flight media assets.”

This exciting announcement represents another acquisition by RMG in the rapidly expanding digital-out-of-home media sector.

Acquisition financing is being provided by Los Angeles-based investment manager, Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC.

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