International Partnership On 3D Content

Giuseppe AndrianĂ²

Italian company Edisonweb and Malaysia’s 3D International have teamed up to bring new 3D Content Management Solution to the Digital Signage market.

Edisonweb has successfully integrated 3D International‘s ActiveX plugin for 2D/3D video playback in its Web Signage proximity marketing platform. This allows to drive more than 80 types of different 3D displays for more than 20 makers.
Web Signage is an SaaS solution that allows to easily and quickly create and publish eye-catching multimedia contents to a network of displays. Key applications are digital signage, interactive kiosk applications, in-store radios, entertainment, infotainment and educational uses.

“The integration of our software core into Edisonweb’s software is another milestone towards the widespread of 3D-displays and content management” says 3D International’s Managing Director and Group CTO,Alexander Schmidt.

“We are addressing new markets with the integration of 3D International’s video playback plugin. This opens up great new opportunities on different business verticals”, adds Vittorio Polizzi, CTO at Edisonweb.
The partner companies have met through Enterprise Europe Network.

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