‘Gamification’ In Shoredtich

Geny Caloisi

Digital Shoreditch, a festival celebrating everything digital that happens in Shoreditch, will open on the first week of May. Many creative digital companies are based in this area of London. The festival opens up the debate on the impact and importance of digital technologies across a wide cross section of industries; nurturing and connecting the digital community; providing a platform to build links and share digital best practice, and positioning Shoreditch firmly at the heart of digital innovation.

The activity culminates on 3rd-7th May, 2011, where Shoreditch will be transformed into a digital playground with late-night parties, open studios, eye-catching displays, lighting up buildings, gigs, conferences, workshops, real-world interactive installations, and augmented reality games.

On Wednesday May 4th, there is a ‘Gamification’ conference where experts from around the world will get together to explore ways in which public and commercial brands leverage the power of play to increase customer activity, build loyalty, broaden reach and monetise assets.

Experts include Bunchball, Bigdoor, PlayGen, Games Investor, Coding Conduct, Matmi, Foviance, Portrait Software, Skadoo.sh, Game Shadow and other luminairies who will share the secrets to successful projects. We will cover examples of brands such as Comcast, Warner brothers, Hasbro, Syfy, Brightstorm, Meredith, Microsoft, Cadbury, Wellcome Trust, Nesta, BBC, AVIVA and the NHS, and many more who are already using play to drive engagement.

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