The World’s Biggest Installation Of MicroTiles

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Very very early Tuesday morning we witnessed the unveiling of the World’s biggest installation of MicroTiles. The MicroTile count currently stands at an impressive 508 but by all accounts it’s actually set to get bigger, so pleased is the client with the end result.

As an accredited journalist I was lucky enough to be invited by the London Stock Exchange to witness the event along with dozens and dozens of photographers (shown above gathering on the stairs under one of the two MicroTile ‘fingers’), several film crews and reporters from the business and financial press. There were no AV or industry press in attendance.

Nine Scala players and six Vista Spyders run the 508 MicroTiles arranged in a series of walls and fingers: one mosaic, four fingers, one main wall, one presenter wall and a command and control wall.

The previous largest MicroTiles install was the NASCAR Hall of Fame made up of 252 MicroTiles.

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  1. Damon Crowhurst Says:

    This is truly an awesome installation. Special mention must go to all those involved in deploying it- Amigo Digital, Christie (of course), Focus 21 and DailyDOOH’s very own Andrew Neale who did the (playlist) scheduling, managed all the content delivery, oversaw the live data integration and was the Scala point man on the project.

    A spectacular end result that the industry should be proud of and one in particular that Scala is happy to have been involved with as well.

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