Pay-per-Look Featuring Intel® AIM Suite Technology

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ayuda Media Systems’ flagship Splash DOOH platform will demonstrate the futuristic and newly productized Pay-per-Look functionality to the European market, powered by Intel® AIM Suite technology at #ScreenMediaExpo in London this week.

Pay per look at DSE2011

Ayuda will be showcasing a concept demo to the European market with the integration of the Intel® AIM Suite (Audience Impression Metrics) into Splash, its ERP system for DOOH networks,.

Dubbed ‘Pay-per-Look’, the application allows advertisers to be billed based on how many people actually looked at their ad, which can be determined by using Intel AIM Suite technology that relies on optical sensors to detect faces that turn towards the display while completely honoring privacy.

Following a very warm reception from network operators and advertising agencies since the initial unveiling of the concept earlier this year to North American audiences at DSE 2011 in Las Vegas, Ayuda has decided to make the same demonstration available to the European marketplace with this announcement.

“We were astonished to witness just how much interest our initial demonstration garnered a few months ago. We have been inundated with inquiries from DOOH network operators and ad agencies regarding the possibilities of this concept” said Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda. “This revolutionary concept helps operators demonstrate the value of their networks to advertisers, leveraging audience tracking technology to track who has viewed the screen and then bill based on the number of “looks.” We are excited that the future of ad sales may very well see the networks charge advertisers based on how many people actually look at the ad, versus how many people are merely exposed to it.”

Current practice in the ad-based DOOH industry is to bill based on the number of impressions delivered. However, impression counts are typically based on audience measurement research that simply counts how many people are exposed to, or have the chance of being exposed to, an ad. The Pay-per-Look application takes impression counts to the next level by counting people looking at an ad, as opposed to counting people passing by an ad. By combining anonymous audience detection technology with digital signage software, it becomes possible to detect exactly how many ‘looks’ each campaign received. This is a much more meaningful system for both the network and the advertiser, as the operator justifies the viability of the network while the advertiser benefits from being billed according to precisely how many people viewed the ad.

Ayuda has also announced that Splash now officially supports Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), a hardware based technology for remotely and securely managing the PC. Soupliotis further states: “In keeping with our dedication to empowering the network operator, we’re also pleased to announce that with official Splash support for Intel® AMT, we make it possible for our customers to more easily remotely manage their digital signage media players. Our strategic relationship with Intel has helped us further our commitment to providing the best possible set of both management and measurement tools to the network operator.”

Jose Avalos, director of retail and digital signage for Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group, commented “By leveraging the latest Intel technologies, companies such as Ayuda are able to continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the digital signage industry.  Pay-Per-Look is a demonstration of Intel AIM Suite at work.  This type of application exemplifies Intel’s commitment to delivering key solutions for Intelligent Digital Signage networks.”

Ayuda, developers of Splash, an ERP system for digital signage networks that includes content management software as well as a digital player, has been developing solutions for the OOH industry for over seven years and has invoiced over a quarter of a billion dollars in OOH billing. Meanwhile, the Intel AIM Suite technology will enable any network operator to detect, analyze, and audit audience measurement data, and have a clear picture of how digital signs are influencing audience behavior.

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