#FEPE Key Systems

Geny Caloisi

I’ll be meeting Ian Morris, Client Services Director, Key Systems Out Of Home Software Ltd. at #FEPE in Madrid this week.

The company recently partnered with SignageLive and at #FEPE, they will be demonstrating once again how Key Systems software and the Signagelive network can work together.

Morris said: “We have extended the Fusion Media Owner product (that has its roots in managing the full life cycle of out of home) into the digital arena, whereby the digital booking becomes an integral part of the traditional booking process and results in a playlist driven to the Signagelive network.

“At #FEPE we will be showing an end to end installation of this, Fusions Digital Director, Availability of Digital Space, Booking Campaigns, Assigning Creative and then distributing to Signagelive (we have a player on the booth).  All this is fully integrated so that they can be invoiced / billed / maintained alongside the traditional plant if required or of course used in isolation for a digital network.”

The company will also be showing (for the first time) a mobile (phone) web application that allows clients to check on the digital availability, the players and their current schedules on iPhones.


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