Pixel Inspiration at the IOD

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Pixel Inspiration have been working with the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Pall Mall, London for some time now.

Their latest innovation is the UK’s first integrated wireless and touch screen audience canvassing system.

With premises throughout the UK the IoD is the world’s most experienced and long-standing organisation advocating director professionalism, with a membership spanning the whole spectrum of international business leadership, from the largest public companies to the smallest private firms.

Pixel Inspiration developed for the IoD with a user friendly mechanism for polling the opinion of its members across a broad range of business issues.

Fifty unobtrusively positioned wireless voting handsets and two touch screen kiosks enable members to respond to a variety of poll types from a simple positive/negative response to multiple choice questions. Bespoke software developed by Pixel integrates the handsets and kiosks with a web and console application, providing a simple gateway for IoD staff to create and publish new votes and access full details of previous voting activity across the two platforms.

Vote results are broadcast in near real time, across a series of eleven screens located throughout the IoD, including the wine bar and business centre.

This I am told is likley to be rolled out to other IoD properties in 2008.

Having seen it in operation I can say that it is genuinely a nice implementation of screen interactivity (and in many ways self generated content).


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