New Web Portal Kicks Off’s 2008 – 2009 Season

Chris Sheldrake

Dynamic Digital Signage Day (known by its French abbreviation JADN) has kicked off its 2008–2009 season today with the announcement of a new series of events and the launch of a new Web portal dedicated to digital signage and the digital out-of-home industry.

This year, JADN.TV is leveraging the theme Think Tactical! in reference to the growing integration with marketing and advertising strategies.

Denys Lavigne, President of Arsenal Media told us “Many companies have networks of interactive displays and kiosks in their sights. Everyone acknowledges the potential, attractiveness and obvious added value of this new medium, but many companies have difficulty defining how to make it a significant lever in their respective business contexts”

He added “Using concrete examples and cost-benefit analyses, we’ll be taking things to the next level this year to help decision-makers get the most out of the digital out-of-home media. Specialists from here and around the world will be sharing observations and analyses on methods and tools that help generate operational efficiency, ad awareness, growth in sales per square foot and brand equity.”

The first event of the new season will take place at Galerie Gora, in downtown Montréal on 18th November and and will focus on the distinguishing features of the new generation of digital out-of-home projects, like Wal-Mart’s new Smart Network.

The key event of 2009 will take place 27th January 2009 in Montréal and there is another event slated for Toronto in the spring.

Major partners such as Cisco, IBM and Transcontinental are supporting the events, as well as a whole host of prestige sponsors such as; Samsung, Solotech, CODA, DailyDOOH, Umen Innovation, the AMPQ and the newspaper Les Affaires.

About JADN.TV and Arsenal Media

Launched in March 2007, JADN.TV provides decision-makers, business managers, retailers and advertisers with a unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and insights of specialists from Québec as well as the rest of North America, Europe and Asia. Arsenal Media is a content-marketing agency specialized in the development of interactive content and digital out-of-home projects. It assists clients with all stages of project development, including concept, content strategy and production, choice of technology, location of in-company or in-store displays, and the business model.

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