MinQii Signs Up Adissy

Geny Caloisi

Ronni Guggenheim, president of Minicom Digital Signage (MDS)-EnQii, told DailyDOOH exclusively, at the #DigiSky DS conference in Moscow, that ‘MinQii’ and Adissy have teamed up to distribute MDS-EnQii full solution – Ronni did NOT of course use the term ‘MinQii’ Ed

Adissy, is the first pure Digital Signage distributor in the Russian market. The company distributes AOpen; Iadea; Phillips displays and Broadsign and has successfully built a dedicated reseller network in the market.

“Being a technology provider, in the past it has been quite difficult to break into the Russian market, but now having Adissy as a partner we have local representation, which will result into a great turn around for new projects and partnerships in this market,” says Guggenheim.

Guggenheim explained that this market is still maturing and needs to understand the importance of having a professional DS solution to get a good return on the total cost of ownership. “Adissy is one of the organisers of the Moscow DS conference and this meeting is the ideal place to exchange expertise and deepened the know how of the industry,” concluded Guggenheim.


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  1. Ronni Guggenheim Says:

    I would like to use this platform to express my compliments to Digisky and Adissy for putting together this outstanding conference focused on end users. It is a first to see such a focus and number of real customers and not only channel and co-vendors turning up for a high profile event with real educational value. We rarely see in the western world so professionally organized events, with a clear focus and message. Hope it will be repeated next year!

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