OVAB Follow Up – PQ Media’s New Research

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

As promised, here’s some more juicy morsels of PQ Media’s new research data keep this around for your future DOOH Powerpoint presentations.

Exclusive new research from PQ Media reveals…

  • Digital Out of Home Media continues double digit growth pace, despite slowdown in 2008-09 due to economic crisis, advertising pullback and industry shakeout
  • US Digital OOH Spend (includes Video Ad Networks & Digital Billboards) on pace for 11.2% Growth in 2008, decelerating from 24.5% in 2007 but – still among the fastest growing ad media
  • Global Digital OOH spend indicates 12.8% expansion in 2008 to $6 Billion in EU, Asia and Americas.
  • US Digital OOH Market triples in size from 2002 to 2008 to $2.43 Billion, comprising 29.1% of Overall out-of-home ad spend
  • PQ Media Forecasts DOOH spending to grow at a compound annual rate of 12.9% from 2007-2012
  • The US accounts for nearly 40% of the global digital OOH spend, but its share will decline over the next several years, key international growth markets will include Russia, India, China, Brazil and Australia

For a fee you can pick up your copy here

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