EnQii and Minicom Announce Married Name

Geny Caloisi

EnQii Holdings and Minicom Digital Signage (MDS), announced that the new merged company’s name will be ComQi. The companies merged last month but had not unveiled what the final name was going to be – DailyDOOH proposed MinQii.

The new name, ComQi, is built on the strong brand heritage of Minicom Digital Signage and EnQii – both recognized in the market for the excellence of their solutions.

ComQi will provide marketers and integrators with an end-to-end solution encompassing media distribution, network management, content management and proof-of-performance, while reducing capital and operational costs. This seamless platform will allow targeted consumer messages to be delivered with pinpoint accuracy to digital signage, mobile and computer screens, giving a strong return on investment at the lowest cost of ownership. These solutions are designed to be future-proofed, utilizing a cloud-based platform that offers the flexibility to accommodate both small and large installs.


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