GGP Helps enVu To Presence In 135 Malls

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based enVu, out-of-home interactive media company, recently collaborated with the real estate investment trust General Growth Properties (GGP).

The new collaboration solidified enVu’s enSpire as the leading Out-of-Home interactive mall advertising platform, according to Benjamin Mathieu, enVu CEO.

Offering the ability to incorporate gesture-based technology and floor projection capabilities, enSpire delivers eye-catching, interactive advertisements to help brands capture and increase market share.

Now active within 135 malls across the U.S., enSpire’s first deployment phase as announced in January 2011 is complete. In addition to its relationship with GGP, enVu collaborated with two of the country’s other top real estate investment trusts in the U.S., creating expansion of an additional 85 installations.

Leading entertainment, beverage, apparel and retail brands have purchased ad space on the platform – securing enSpire’s position as an established technology in the OOH environment.

“With access to 47 GGP properties, including 40 properties located within the top 20 DMAs, we have high expectations for enSpire to gain maximum exposure – providing brands and advertisers an effective medium for reaching today’s diverse audience,” says Mathieu.

Consumers can also use the platform to connect with social media networks, download information using QR codes, and watch local news, sports and weather segments – offering additional value to advertisers and brands.

enVu is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stratacache, Mathieu says that enVu has just completed a study by Arbitron and expects to have results to divulge in the next few weeks.

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