Jeff Dowell To Join 3M’s Optical Systems Group

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Even when we wrote back in March this year “LG Electronics must be absolutely mad … that Jeff Dowell’s position, that of Vice President, Digital Signage in the LGE US, Business Solutions Group was eliminated .. in some kind of (bizarre) re-shuffle” we knew it wouldn’t take long for someone as good as Jeff to be snapped up by a company more appreciative of his talents.

Well news reached us this week that LGE’s loss is very much 3M’s gain as Jeff will, come mid-August be working for 3M’s Optical Systems Group out of St. Paul MN.

There he will be responsible for driving their Digital Display Marketing and Business Development efforts.

2 Responses to “Jeff Dowell To Join 3M’s Optical Systems Group”

  1. John Scott 32 Says:

    3M is instantaneously a major player in the DS market.
    This is a great free-agent signing for them.

    Congratulations to Jeff.
    It is good to see that good things still come to good people.

  2. John Sheehan Says:

    Great news for Jeff and 3M. I agree with John Scott that this will make 3M even stronger in the DS market as they will benefit from his understanding of the market needs. Congrats Jeff.

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