27 QRBoards For 313@somerset Mall

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

MOSAIC QRBoard is a 3-in-1 integrated media solution that mixes Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising with Mobile and Web Marketing to deliver cross-platform capabilities and, it is claimed, benefit advertisers and consumers alike.

I give you the washroom...

Singapore based MOSAIC MediaHouse have just launched their first 
QRBoard digital advertising network 
at the 313@somerset Mall.

MOSAIC MediaHouse will operate 27 QRBoards™ all over the mall, in restrooms (16), the lift lobbies (8) and in standing areas (3).

In line with 313@somerset’s commitment to sustainability, 3 screens will be used specifically to broadcast sustainability messages to its increasingly environmentally-aware youth. This move is seen to complement 313@somerset’s fleet of ongoing sustainability initiatives like collection of rainwater for irrigation and flushing of toilets, and energy-saving ‘standby’ features on escalators, amongst others.

MOSAIC MediaHouse plans to expand the number of QRBoards in Singapore to include other lifestyle areas including malls, museums, shopping centres, restaurants, clubs and other public venues.

In the Mall proper...

Gauthier Provost, Director of Operations, MOSAIC MediaHouse told us

“313@somerset is considered one of the most popular shopping destinations on Orchard Road and it is a strategic venue for MOSAIC and our clients. With its prime location and excellent reach of approximately 3 million visitors a month, wide array of food, fashion and lifestyle retailers and retail mix, MOSAIC is confident that advertisers and brands will soon be engaging consumers on the QRBoard™ digital network”

313@somerset is an exciting new retail centre that brings a whole new dimension to the ‘Orchard Road Experience’. Built right above the Somerset MRT station and easily accessible by public transport, 313@somerset has been earmarked to be Singapore’s leading retail destination, providing mid level fashion and food in an environment where a unique sensitivity and approach to customer service is necessary to create a refreshingly different experience. 

Lend Lease Retail chose MOSAIC MediaHouse for their innovative QRBoard media solution and saw it as a potential enhancement to 313@somerset’s advertising and promotional activities, reaching out to the young, trendy and tech-savvy shoppers that frequent the mall on a daily basis.

About MOSAIC MediaHouse

MOSAIC recently launched an innovative media solution in the form of a digital advertising network in lifestyle venues in Singapore. MOSAIC is developing its advertising network with partners in malls, shopping centres, entertainment clubs, bars, lounges and other public venues to reach people in a creative way, at a place and time where other media are usually ineffective.

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