Four Good Reasons To Be In NYC In October

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to both the Strategy Institute and the DPAA listening there are now a whole raft of events happening in New York City next week – that’s the one commencing 17th October 2011 giving the North American, Canadian and International attendee LOADS of reasons to attend any or all of the following…

  1. Strategy Institute’s 6th Digital Signage Investor Conference
  2. DPAA Media Summit
  3. DPAA International Day
  4. PRN’s invitation only upfront event is (always) the evening before the DPAA Media Summit

It was also brought to our attention that NEC have one of their NEC Partner Showcases in NYC next Tuesday and Wednesday as well!

AHN and I fly in on Saturday, Gail flies in on Sunday and we will look forward to seeing many of you at all of the events which we will be covering (including the NEC Partner Showcase).

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