TruMedia’s Deals With Samsung

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TruMedia’s iCapture AlliO is their aptly named ‘All in One’ device which includes a built in camera and processor. This small embedded device is independent of any PC or operating system and is all that is required to carry out audience measurement. Here we see TruMedia announcing a couple of interesting deals with Samsung…

  1. Samsung Integrates TruMedia Proactive Advertising Solution into MagicInfo Player
  2. Samsung licensed to manufacture TruMedia AlliO hardware

We like TruMedia’s PROactive Merchandising (PROM) solution and have said many times before that we believe it to be a technology that is most probably of much more consequence than ‘automated audience measurement’ itself – at least at the moment.

Scala was the first signage vendor to integrate with PROM (and until this announcement, the only one) and we are surprised that TruMedia haven’t put more effort into doing deals with other software vendors (our take is that software folks would be VERY interested in doing such deals).

JinHwan Kim, VP of Strategic Marketing of Display Business, Samsung told us “Samsung’s strategy is to be the clear leader in professional digital display solutions. Combining our DS solutions with TruMedia’s offerings will provide our customers with one complete integrated solution including screen, player and proactive advertising capabilities”

The PROM solution is being offered on certain professional large format displays (CX series for example) where Samsung’s MagicInfo player is installed by default and of course some of the Samsung displays will be marketed together with the iCapture AlliO Hardware.

About Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has just been named as the number one consumer electronics brand in the world and is an acknowledged leader in the digital convergence revolution. Since its inception in 1969, Samsung has successfully transitioned from an analogue driven product line to a cutting-edge and award-winning digital innovator that is currently the world’s number one manufacturer of CDMA mobile phones, LCD and CRT monitors, DRAM memory chips and microwave ovens. With worldwide electronic product sales of $US36.9 billion, over 75,000 employees and a global network in 47 countries, Samsung is truly a global giant and has been recognised as one of the world’s top 100 Brands by BusinessWeek magazine.

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