Sixteen-Nine Is Up Again For Business

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Like many in the industry we’ve missed these last 36 hours but we are now pleased to report that it’s back up.

Dave told us “It took one very long day and a lot of support calls but my blog is now back up. I had to rebuild it from zero with a new theme and walk away from the directory structure I had because of the WordPress hacker attack. I was advised the degree of infection would be nasty and that was the best approach.”

He added “I also moved it to another server host so I could have more direct control. It was being hosted as a favour by a friend, but that meant I had to ask him, who asked his guys, to get things done. That was a pain in the butt for all concerned.”

“I also transferred the domain name from the original registrar, who appears to be a Russian guy in an apartment in Brooklyn. That alone took hours and hours to get moving, and is now in mid transfer. Unfortunately no one told me to re-point servers before starting the transfer, so the .net domain is in limbo until it is completed.”

So what we now see is a new site with a new look up on – yes that’s right, note the .biz – for the time being at least. As Dave says above the .net transfer will take root at some point in the next day or so.

It’s good to have Dave back up and running!

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