A 9/11 Reflect-ion

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

This beautiful photo ran up until Sunday, Sept 11, on 263 screens in 50 Clear Channel Airports, marketer of airport advertising and a division of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., to commemorate 9/11.

Clear Channel Airports was displaying Extra Credit Projects’ memorial image, reading ‘Reflect’ and showcasing a reflection of the World Trade Center’s landmark Twin Towers, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the four disastrous flights and collapse of the Twin Towers. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based creative shop’s Rob Jackson developed the image.

As the premiere airport advertising company in North America, Clear Channel Airports hoped to leverage its platform to reflect on those who tragically lost their lives or were injured during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, in addition to the selfless individuals who sacrificed their lives through civilian and military service in the wake of the tragedy.

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  1. DoohGuy Says:

    I really, really like this creative. Saw it on the local news last night. One of the best pieces I have seen in years. Quiet, respectful and thought provoking. Thanks for covering it.

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