#Scalaconf Scala’s Bucas Leaving On High Note

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Scala has been on track as having the best year in its history, Gerard Bucas, outgoing CEO, told the 350 registrants and 47 Scala employees attending the Scala EMEA conference in Noordwijkerhout near Amsterdam today.

The gentleman known as Gerard Bucas

Running through such facts as the “highest sales in history of the company” for Q4 2010, Q1 2011, Q2 2011, highest July 2011, and Aug./11 as 65% up over last year, Bucas is obviously leaving his CEO post at the best time in Scala’s history.

The company is in almost every country in the world, with a sales staff speaking multi-languages (18 among the 47 employees at the conference). It has depth and diversity, a product and solution for practically any business. Bucas pointed out specifically cases that helped Scala grow recently including the establishment of Scala India; the first large SignChannel deal; and the restructuring of Scala’s U.S. sales operations. (U.S. sales more than doubled last year.) Over the past year, the company is seeing 117% growth in Japan, 33% in the Americas, 21% in the EMEA and 18% in the Nordic countries.

“We’re also making headway is China, a little slower than we’d like, but now moving ahead with the Shanghai metro,” Bucas said.

One of the big strengths of the company, he said, is the fact that its business is so diversified. Only 25% of its sales are from its top 10 customer base, so it is not totally dependent on just a few customers. Nor are the customers in a niche market, but rather, are spread right across a full range of industries.

The top 10 countries from which Scala’s sales are coming this year are, in order, U.S., Japan, Norway, Germany, U.K., Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada. (Japan has moved from #8 in 2009 up to #2 in 2011; Germany has moved in the same time frame from #9 to #4.

“The bottom line is that sales have diversified, countries are diversified, and we’re not dependent on any single economy,” said Bucas. “We’ve been around for more than 20 years, we’re still growing, we’re financially stable, we’re offering new products, and we have a solution for every budget.”

It’s a nice way to see Bucas moving on but he won’t be leaving the company. He remains on the Board of Directors, and we know he’ll be rooting for and influencing Scala in all ways possible in the future.

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