What You Should Look For

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

It’s always good to have a checklist and that’s what Benjamin Mathieu will be giving attendees on Day 1 of the Strategy Institute’s Digital Media Investor Conference in New York.

Mathieu, CEO of enVu, New York, will be on a panel with Rishi Shah, founder and CEO of ContextMedia, and Niko Drakoulis, founding chairman and CEO, Akoo International, both of Chicago, tackling the topic of Creating a Profitable Business via Subscription, Merchandising and Ad-based Models.

“I’ll be drawing on lessons I’ve learned in my 10 years in the business,” says Mathieu. “I’ll try to share my recipe about what’s important. People want to know, for example, “How can I trust a new digital signage company that approaches me? How do I know that they’ll still be around in a year’s time? Is this a company that I should invest in? Is this a company that I’d want as an investor?

“I’m not going to say that ‘This is what you have to do’, but, based on my experience, I’ll give some of the indicators that will help answer such questions, some of the parameters to be clearly watched for and questioned.”

This sounds like a session that will interest both investors and companies, particularly young companies that might well benefit from Mathieu’s ‘lessons learned’.

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