Stratacache At BrainShare 2011

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Dayton, Ohio-based Stratacache, provider of scalable, high-performance digital signage, content distribution and enterprise video acceleration technologies, will be providing event digital signage at BrainShare 2011 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, October 10-14.

BrainShare 2011 is the must-attend event for IT professionals, featuring the latest technology, training, and networking opportunities to optimize business productivity.

During the event, dynamic digital signage content will be delivered throughout key locations within Salt Palace Convention Center using Stratacache’s intelligent ActiVia for Media software.

The highly optimized, Web-accessible software provides the necessary tools to create, schedule, manage and monitor all BrainShare event messaging – providing attendees with engaging, up-to-date information on agendas, keynote speakers, special events and sponsors.

ActiVia also centrally delivers targeted messages programmed to run at specific locations and times (dayparting) – delivering crucial event information both on-time and to the right audience.

“Working together with BrainShare, Stratacache has developed a customized digital signage campaign, incorporating helpful event information to enhance the show experience,” said Chris Riegel, Stratacache CEO. “Stratacache is proud to be the digital signage provider at this highly anticipated technology event, providing dynamic messaging for more than 250 speaking sessions and wayfinding guidance for attendees – showcasing the power of our ActiVia for Media software.”

Featuring a variety of informative messaging, the digital signage will include registration information, times and locations of keynote speakers, sponsor highlights, special event notifications and dynamic RSS feeds.

To further improve organization and show logistics, valuable wayfinding messaging will also be incorporated to navigate attendees to speaking session locations, reception areas and conference rooms.

The digital signage at BrainShare is networked via eight Stratacache SPECTRA S-200 Series 2 wireless media players. Once content is scheduled through ActiVia’s Web portal, the energy-efficient media players power the messaging to the digital signage displays over a wireless connection – delivering engaging digital media with reliability and control.

Stratacache’s subsidiary company, SuperLumin Networks, is appearing at in booth #701 at BrainShare 2011, showing details on streaming video optimization, multimedia acceleration and network security solutions.

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