Totally Addicted To DOOH

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

As a content and creative guy I’m always banging on about on-screen content but when it comes to ‘off-screen’ content and marketing our industry I think most of our efforts have been pretty pedestrian and mainstream.

If you look at the majority of digital place-based networks their attempts at visually marketing themselves are limited to a few posed shots of actors looking at their screens with a mildly engaged look with a frame grab inserted into the screen.

Hardly the most compelling way to sell your network or position our industry. Then along comes RMG. Kicking sand in the face of mediocrity and launching what is arguably the sexiest campaign for digital out of home to date. Just check out these shots below – they’re gorgeous!

It’s all part of RMG’s Addiction campaign. You can enjoy the full experience here at

The concept? We’re all addicted to our screens, whether they’re in the palm of our hands or hung on a Walmart endcap. We can’t help but look at them, we watch them, we engage with them on a daily if not minute by minute basis. We’re all craving that digital fix and DOOH screens are no exception. This is a bold and compelling approach, and a smart move on RMG’s part in gaining some buzz for the industry. The campaign was shot by high-fashion photographer Kate Owen who has shot covers for Vogue and Vanity Fair to name but a few.

Rather than fixate on viewership numbers, audience demographics and screen sizes, RMG went for the emotional angle. And, after all, we’re in the advertising business and nothing sells better than when you make that emotional connection. As well as launching the additional website RMG are also publishing a few limited edition glossy books of the campaign and blasting the whole shebang out to 7,000 industry professionals – I was given a copy Monday by Garry McGuire at #DSinvestor and I can testify it’s fantastic, Ed

What’s not to like about this campaign? Not much. Some may quibble about the “addiction” theme, or the hyper-reality of the images, but from where I’m sitting it’s a badly needed shot in the arm for the industry- a kind of DOOH pick-me-up.

A well crafted, sophisticated campaign like this deserves to be recognized, and who knows maybe it could inspire others to put a little sizzle in their marketing efforts and ditch those tired power point slides for good.

5 Responses to “Totally Addicted To DOOH”

  1. Conscientious Objector Says:

    A little disclosure on who’s paying your bills????

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Dear anonymousCoward. Seems we are known but you hide behind a cloak of anonymity. I’m not sure what your point is in your comment.

    RMG took 12 months worth of banner advertising with DailyDOOH at the beginning of the year and that’s about it. We know them well; Garry McGuire keynoted the DS Investor Conference I chaired yesterday in NYC for example.

  3. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Really nice site. Typo alert, Adrian – it’s

  4. another anonymous Says:

    And what is your “correspondent’s” relationship with RMG?

  5. Dylan Jones Says:

    Unlike some commenters, I am completely transparent. My company has produced a couple of video projects for RMG, none of which were connected to this project-something I’ve even mentioned in previous posts. Point is, it’s a standout campaign. I would have said the same if any other DOOH company had had the vision to create it.
    No secrets here. How about you, Anonymous?

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