Virtual Mannequin

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This is an ABSOLUTELY superb example of image innovation that will find many uses in the retail sector, it’s definitely well worth taking a couple of minutes to look at it.

It’s described as a ‘Virtual Brand Ambassador’ and it was built using 3M Vikuiti technology BUT we think it’s much cooler (and more sensible) described as a Virtual Mannequin.

Hey! 3M ought to go out and trademark ‘Vikuiti Mannequin‘ straight away !!!

Take a look at the YouTube clip of it here.

The sound quality is appalling on the YouTube cliip – you can’t hear much above the background noise so you might just want to mute and enjoy the view.

A dummy, or life-size model of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes; A jointed model of the human body used by artists, especially to demonstrate the arrangement of drapery; An anatomical model of the human body for use in teaching of e.g. CPR;

2 Responses to “Virtual Mannequin”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Probably you noticed that the mannequin doesn’t move. Why? Because her siloute is cut out in the 3M foil which is completely black.

    So as a matter of fact it is a talking sticker and it simply cannot move, unless you want to look at a black sticker.

  2. Mike Says:

    I work for and we have had a few people wanting something similar to this then a traditional mannequin. I like the idea.

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