@IntelAIMSuite Twitter Account

Andrew Neale

Interesting to see that Intel® AIM Suite has a (new) Twitter Account.

It describes itself thus: “AIM Suite detects the number of viewers, determines their gender and age group, and measures dwell time allowing marketers to make smart decisions every day” and points to http://intel.cognovision.com/

We thought we were the first to be followed, but alas our dreams of grandeur were shattered when @IntelAIMSuite tweeted “@DailyDOOH not the first, but close. We still have that new tweet smell. Thanks for the follow!”

That means then that @ScalaInc were the first to be followed by the new account. Anyway, you can follow them here @IntelAIMSuite.

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  1. Chip Set Says:

    I tried to follow them, but got an error. Apparently my laptop needs an i5 processor to view their tweets.

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