A New Online Marketplace For NFC

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Blue Bite LLC, New York, together with UPM RFID Tags and Inlays have launched NFCtags.com, a new website, conceived as a marketplace of NFC tags and products, solutions and services.

NFCtags.com primarily serves application developers and advertisers, but is also a knowledge base for consumers searching for NFC related information, products and suppliers.

The NFCtags.com site is focused on enabling a new interactive world where the ‘network of things’ is made possible by NFC tags and a great variety of NFC-focused applications, devices and solutions. Visitors to the site will find a technology overview, product information, useful links and downloadable applications for NFC phones and devices.

Users will also have access to a wide variety of real-life use-cases and success stories, helping them to select the right tag for their end-use or the right apps for their smartphone with the tools provided online.

The site brings together the most comprehensive selection of NFC online vendors, printing houses and converters by service area and expertise (21 companies offering NFC and RFID are listed to date).

“Without question, we believe this collaboration will serve as a great resource to the worldwide market when it comes to executing innovative campaigns and services around NFC based platforms,” says Daniel Trigub, vice-president business development and chief financial officer, Blue Bite.

Blue Bite is a mobile-marketing solutions provider using a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices.

UPM RFID is a supplier of passive RFID products, specializing in the development and high-volume production of HF, NFC and UHF RFID tags and inlays. RFID tags and inlays are used to solve issues in supply chain management, airline baggage handling, industrial logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, brand protection, libraries and media management, mass transit and event ticketing as well as NFC applications.

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