Zoom Media Buys Again

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Montreal-based Zoom Media Inc has just acquired the assets of digital signage provider Smart One Media Inc., Brampton, Ont..

Zoom Media was already using Smart One Media’s technology to offer a national Digital Network solution in its Sport and Resto-bar networks. The two have had a strategic alliance since early 2006, and Smart One Media had been the software provider for the 700 screens offered by Zoom. With this buy, Zoom now owns the software intellectual property and the screens. As a private company, Zoom has not released the cost of the buy.

This acquisition follows the recent acquisition of ClubCom, LLC in the United States by the U.S. subsidiary of Zoom Media Group Inc. and will help solidify Zoom’s leadership position in providing targeted digital networks.

Zoom Media will retain Patrick Galante, Smart One Media’s president and CEO, who will provide strategic leadership for current and future digital media projects in Canada.

“Also joining Zoom from Smart One are the digital media technician, and, under contract, the computer programmer and graphic artist,” says Andy Querin, president & COO – Canada.

“We’re also evaluating addition properties,” says Querin. “Zoom Media is continuing to invest in digital signage media with partners that we believe provide a competitive advantage over other OOH digital operators. We firmly believe that on-going expansion and investment in the digital space will help us respond to increased demands from advertisers for greater flexibility and impact – as well as continue to fuel our revenue growth”.

“I am pleased to see that our assets were acquired by a company that was a pioneer in using our technology and wish to continue to be a leader in the digital revolution” says Galante.

The transaction emphasizes Zoom Media’s focus on providing a dominant national digital signage platform to its clients. Zoom plans to rapidly expand into new markets and increase screen inventory in its four existing markets in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City). Adding to its current 700 digital screens in its Sport and Resto-bar networks, a minimum of 100 digital screens will be installed over the next three-to-six months.

2 Responses to “Zoom Media Buys Again”

  1. Philippe Gauvin Says:

    So their plan is to use BroadSign in the US and SmartOne in Canada… Or is it ?

  2. Gail Chiasson Says:

    Philippe – Chantal Gonçalves, communication and marketing manager at Zoom, assures me that Smart One is only for Canada. Of course, you and I know that things change with time, so what is true today can be different in a month, a year, or five years. But there are no plans to change that as foreseen today.

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