Ipsos ASI|digital For Measuring Mobile Performance

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Marketers keen to measure the performance of their mobile strategies can now use Ipsos ASI|digital to help them do just that.

This global team within Ipsos’ advertising research specialty focuses on developing measurement tools, and consulting on effective brand communication in the digital, mobile, and cross-media space. The team taken that mandate to create a new capability that builds off Ipsos ASI’s Next*Connect and Brand*Graph global systems of measuring ad effectiveness, sharing common parameters of design and measurement across channels and markets.

“Using our powerful brand management tools and our unparalleled access to mobile sample, Ipsos ASI|digital has emerged with a mobile testing platform that helps advertisers optimize their brand communications on mobile devices,” says Jim Forrest, senior vice -president and U.S. lead for Ipsos ASI|digital, New York. “This means we now have the ability to test the potential of mobile assets to directly impact offline sales and measure how the ad is contributing to brand equity and brand closeness. This new capability also allows us to measure how well a brand’s mobile communications fits within the overall campaign strategy and opens greater opportunities for brand managers to learn how to optimize its effectiveness.”

With access to over 100,000 respondents completing surveys on their mobile device each month, Ipsos ASI|digital has designed the existing research approach to enable them to garner key consumer insights (such as brand metrics, emotion, and interactivity) within a framework that accounts for consumers behavior on both tablets and smartphones.

Ipsos ASI|digital leverages Ipsos’ efficient sampling router system, Cortex, to direct respondents completing surveys on a mobile device to the survey application specifically designed for their respective operating system and device. Ipsos ASI|digital worked with the Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange and Ipsos Interactive Services to implement the mobile technology to passively identify the operating system and mobile device the respondent is using to conduct the survey, thereby allowing consumers to be directed to the most appropriate survey based on demographics and the device they are on, including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

“Mobile is now a key component on many advertising and marketing campaigns,” says Forrest. “The time was right to launch a robust system to measure the effectiveness of mobile activities.”

This new mobile communications assessment system is available immediately for advertisers and publishers in the U.S.. Ipsos has plans to roll out to other markets in the near future.

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