Digital Ad Network for Blink EV Charging Stations

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Outcast, Santa Monica, California-based fuel television network at the pump, and ECOtality Inc., San Francisco clean electric transportation and storage technologies company, have partnered to launch what is believed to be largest digital network at Blink electric vehicle (ie. EV) charging stations.

“In partnering with Outcast, we are furthering ECOtality’s business model by providing measurable media to enhance the user experience,” says Jonathan Read, CEO, ECOtality. “Outcast specializes in engaging with consumers at traditional fueling locations, and we are taking that one step further by jointly developing media programming which will resonate with EV drivers at our Blink charging stations.”

Outcast will develop media solutions for Blink commercial chargers that ECOtality will deploy in 2012, with screens ranging from 7” to 42” based on the charger type. The charging stations are located at major retailers, traditional fueling locations, and other public and commercial locations across the U.S., with a concentration in 18 top metropolitan cities. The chargers will provide a targeted marketing opportunity to engage audiences that already own EVs, as well as those who aspire to own EVs.

“With the increasing trend and popularity of electric vehicles, we are excited to support this green initiative and to work with ECOtality to bring our brand partners a new and innovative way to broadcast messages to this eco-conscious, affluent audience,” says Matthew Stoudt, Outcast CEO.. “Our partnership with ECOtality allows us to continue to evolve and develop new of-the-moment innovations that reach a highly-coveted demographic of first-adopters and trendsetters with engaging and targeted messages.”

Through innovation, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships, ECOtality accelerates the market applicability of advanced electric technologies to replace carbon-based fuels.

The Blink Network of charging stations provides EV drivers the freedom to travel as they choose and conveniently charge at Blink commercial locations along the way. By becoming Blink Members, consumers may also yield even greater advantages of the Blink Network, such as local incentive programs, reservation systems, and enhanced Blink Network capabilities.

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