Burberry Uses Video Walls in Toronto Boutiques

Dmitry Sokolov

Burberry Video Wall

Video wall outside Burberry boutique in Toronto's department store

Armed only with an iPad (see also Gail Chiasson’s ‘Burberry’s Fashion Week Retail Theatre‘ a store associate stands guard outside a Canadian department store’s Burberry store-within-a-store boutique.

Imposing posture, combined with the grandeur of the 3×3 portrait-mode video wall decorating the outside wall, contributes to the exclusive image of the upscale shopping experience expected inside.

The video-wall is the highlight of the boutique’s design and is the main visual fixture within the store. Also deployed across other Toronto Burberry locations (both boutique and store-in store concepts), this is a great example of architectural digital signage, using digital signage to build an experiential environment instead of focusing on transactional messaging.

Burberry, it’s important to note, is no stranger to digital in-store media. This Toronto example is just a subtle tasting of the lavish use of digital signage in Burberry’s arsenal.

Check out their Sydney, Australia, flagship store, courtesy of Retail Design blog for more examples.

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