Imagesound’s Middle East Rollout

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Imagesound told the audience at Wednesday’s POPAIdigital event that December 2008 (i.e. now) sees them start the rollout of music systems to 1,200 Alshaya managed retail outlets across the Middle East.

Alshaya based in Kuwait manage retail outlets on behalf of some well known brands including the likes of H&M, Payless ShoeSource and many others.

Imagesound added that they now supply music in over 78 countries – making them pretty much a global supplier we would guess!

During their presentation Michael Clarke and Diane Whalley did a live video link with the commercial director of one of their leisure customers – a very ‘gutsy’ move and they were rewarded as it worked and not only that went down VERY well with the audience.

During the live link (to the bar), not only did their ‘reference’ give a nice talk that added a lot to their presentation, they even showcased a young band who played to the audience live!

All sounds weird but was really great!!

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