Brite Future For DigiCast Networks?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Less than six months after Brite Media Group, an industry leader in the more traditional out of home advertising space, purchased Targetcast Networks (TCN) of San Ramon, California have cracks started to appear in the relationship?

First we hear that John Kaminski left last week – John was, for almost four years ‘Installation and Support Manager at DigiCast Networks (formerly TargetCast Networks)’

Second we are led to understand that Brian Moore, former TCN CEO (and one of the three executives who was kept on when TCN were acquired) has allegedly told his new bosses that he too is all set to leave.

Brian held / holds the position of ‘SVP of Operations & CFO, Interim CEO, SVP/Divisonal Head DigiCast Networks (formerly TargetCast Networks)’ according to his LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Colnel Sanders Says:

    I told you so!

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