GEM Interactive Join Deutsche Telekom’s M2M-Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Slovenia-based company Prumaro (another company we have never before heard of), who tell us that they are “engaged in developing advanced digital signage services under the Gem Interactive trade mark”, further tells us that is has joined the global partnership network of Deutsche Telekom.

Said partnership entails the area of cooperative development and performance of advanced communications between devices (M2M).

We are told that by joining the partnership, GEM Interactive will leverage Deutsche Telekom and its partners’ development, their introduction and the management of marketing advanced communication solutions designed for the field of public digital media.

What was interesting in the announcement was the quote from Jürgen Hase, Head of M2M Competence Centre, Deutsche Telekom, he said “Our partnership with GEM Interactive enables a more efficient and reliable way for multinational companies to implement global M2M solutions in the digital out-of-home segment”.

All a bit weird and wishy-washy at present but no doubt people will now tell us more.

About Prumaro

Under the trade mark GEM interactive® the company Prumaro d.o.o. develops and markets advanced software and hardware solutions for managing digital signage media. The concept of Public Multimedia™, which Prumaro successfully transferred onto 450 displays installed in public transportation back in 2009, offers value added to users, media carriers and advertisers in the Slovenian capital city. By integrating supporting interactive services on demand, the media facilitates an active integration of public in combination with an economic distribution of actual messages.

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