#dse2012 Flypaper Booth 110

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The need for engaging and affordable digital signage content that goes beyond PowerPoint has long been a struggle for the digital signage industry BUT it no longer has to be – well according to Flypaper anyway!

Flypaper claim that you can easily create high-quality Flash and video content for digital signage networks without custom programming, big budgets and long production schedules.

“Break away from boring, flat content and utilize Flypaper™ Digital Signage to create, reuse, manage, publish and track high-impact content for signage networks. And, now you can do it free for 15 days” they say!

Flypaper offers powerful capabilities for content development including:

  • Choose from hundreds of Flypaper templates to jump-start your digital signage content
  • Output content as SWF, EXE, HTML, High Definition video and more
  • Save projects as a template for future use or create your own Flash library
  • Share templates, media assets, components and more with team members – no matter where you are
  • Collaborate with others on images, videos and projects
  • Track valuable information and user data on your interactive Dashboard
  • Host your interactions on the Flypaper server

You can learn more by visiting flypaper ar #dse2012 on booth #110 for your free demo or you can get your free trial today at http://www.flypaper.com/Content/Free-Trial.

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