#gs12 Prescriptive Music Booth 1656

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

When we’re registered as ‘press’ for events this usually ensures we get a fair amount of pre-event requests for meetings. Globalshop seems to be the opposite so far with relatively few coming in.

When you think that the really clever exhibitors at shows probably get most bang for their buck in the pre-event build up someone somewhere at #gs12 is surely missing a trick?

Anyway, following on from our post ‘#gs12 Mood Media To Demo Shazam‘ another booth for us to go visit next week (can you believe that we will be in Vegas this time next week) will be that of Prescriptive Music – described as the nation’s fastest growing music sensory branding firm (US obviously)

We are told that Prescriptive Music has helped pioneer the increasingly popular use of ‘sensory branding’ and that the company works with major retailers including Lululemon Athletica, Giggle, Sugar Factory and Century 21 Department Stores to create carefully planned, customized ‘music vibe’ programs that help retailers differentiate themselves, elevate the customer experience and ultimately drive sales.

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