Eurostar Digital Networks Vodafone Launch Advertiser

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

JCDecaux Airport, the UK’s leading airport advertising company has launched sales at Eurostar with Vodafone UK as the first advertiser, in a campaign planned and booked by Kinetic.

Vodafone will use the new digital media space at Eurostar to promote the Vodafone One Net service to the business audience, as part of a wider out-of-home campaign.

Four different ‘team building’ creative executions will run across the 32 x 40 inch screens in Departures with the headline, ‘There is a better way to build your business. It’s called Vodafone One Net.

Danielle Crook, Director of Brand Marketing, from Vodafone UK told us “Eurostar is a good fit for our latest business campaign, as it reaches businesses in a tightly targeted environment. The digital screens allow for multiple creative executions and work well with our playful campaign that highlights the benefits of Vodafone’s innovative One Net service to businesses.”

The screens are located in prominent locations, positioned alongside the Departures information boards for maximum visibility.

JCDecaux’s new digital advertising in the Eurostar Departures Lounge targets business and leisure audiences with fulltime Broadcast Networks and time-sensitive Business Networks (Monday to 5pm Friday) and Weekender Networks (5pm Friday to Sunday).

In October 2011, JCDecaux Airport won the contract to develop and market digital advertising locations at the Eurostar terminal.

Last year 8.8 million passengers travelled on Eurostar, the high-speed passenger service between the UK and mainland Europe, with a third of passengers travelling for business.

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