#dse2012 New Products Tour

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A fast five-minute tour of seven new products booths this morning gave us a fast view of some of the things we’ll be seeing in digital signage innovations this year.

Dan Smith shows the LG LED Easy Sign TV

Probably the ones that took my eye specifically were Peerless AV’s ultraslim indoor kiosk and Planar’s Mosaic System.

I liked the Peerless kiosk not only for what it can do, but also for the fact that the company is working with various partners for ability of the kiosks to blend in with various colour schemes. It can accommodate several aesthetic enhancements including vinyl wraps and acrylic trim, in order to perfectly fit with a venue’s unique look and feel. While it also has landscape versions, I could well envision its 55” portrait models done in team colours in stadiums or in university colours on campuses.

Planar’s Mosaic – introduced, by the way, by excellent speaker Jennifer Davis, vice-president marketing – is an architectural display system involving totally square tiles that can be designed as a wall. The tiles can be rotated – no need for a special grid, and there is a processing solution that attaches to one tile and controls the group. It can be used not only for advertising or a company’s content, but also for art.

Planar is also introducing several other new products that include several where the need is greatest for ultra-bright areas. While in-window ones have up to 1900 nits brightness, there is an outdoor, weather-resistant version with 2500 nits brightness.

Other new products shown included LG’s LED Easy Sign TV (player, software and 53 templates included); Phiilips 3D glasses-free 42” screen allowing 28 viewing angles; Delphi Display Systems’ screens for sidewalk use outside retail establishments and a large format screens for wayfinding and other applications; NEC Displays’ V651 now offering touch with up to six multiple touch points and four drag points as well as a new protective glass; and Expert A/V Products’ automatic volume control amplifier for places like restaurants for adjusting sound volume according to ambient noise.

They’re all worth a look!

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