Mood Media To Acquire TSG Media?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There’s a very strong rumour in the UK that Mood Media (and god knows how they can afford to do this) is on the acquisition trail again.

As TSG Media have been touting themselves around for at least a year it’s not too surprising that they are the target. We are told by a reliable source that a deal is imminent.

Mind you, given the rumours we hear about drops in service levels from Mood Media – culminating with several large clients ‘being at risk’ it is a bit surprising that they (Mood) want to buy themselves even more problems. It’s also more debt to add to the pile of course.

2 Responses to “Mood Media To Acquire TSG Media?”

  1. John Morgan Says:

    It’s simple, Adrian. You merely go out and raise money from new investors in order to pay off the previous investors. There’s a term for that, but it’s slipping my mind…

  2. Paul Stead Says:

    TSG Media is a fiercely independent company which is owned, financed and managed by the shareholders. TSG Media is not being sold to Mood Media.

    Paul Stead
    Managing Director
    tsg – media programming & systems

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