Good Morning Judge, How Are You Today?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I may have only one iota of the intelligence that the character Dr Sheldon Cooper has (The Big Bang Theory) but one thing we probably do share is social ineptness and so it was that my business partners, family and friend warned me not to appear in front of a judge last week and (probably) end up like Sheldon in THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 3 Episode 16The Excelsior Acquisition‘.

We have had record traffic figures last 2 weeks

As it was I am not sure the court took too kindly to some of our twitter that was presented by the plaintiffs – who would have guessed that the legal community did not have a sense of humour? Anyway, as we were taken to court by SuperLargeUnhappyCorp and ordered to reveal our sources with regard a story we wrote whilst in Lost Wages it’s all in the public domain. If you should be so interested and you ‘Google’ hard enough you will find the court papers I am sure.

Last week, we wasted a lot of time preparing court materials, hanging around to be served official papers in person (antiquated but rather quaint) and had letter-based lots of to and fro with lawyers who will be charging SuperLargeUnhappyCorp a fortune for their services.

It’s not over yet as our NUJ Code of Conduct potentially still puts us in contempt of court (will say no more). In the past we’ve had threats of nasty legal letters from Scala (dear old Oscar, bless him), polite but forceful legal letters from (then) Sir Alan Sugar, defamation law suits from CFOs (the ‘C’ in CFO doesn’t stand for Chief by the way), legal letters from REDACTED, threats from Haivision, more legal letters from REDACTED, and this latest attempt from SuperLargeUnhappyCorp which is, in our humble opinion, nothing more than a costly and pointless witch hunt.

Anyway it has been an interesting week and a completely different experience from last week in Nevada. Mind you at this rate we will be heading back there just to escape all this nonsense!

“Well good morning Judge, how are you today
I’m in trouble, please put me away
A pretty thing took a shine to me
I couldn’t stop her, so I let it be”

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