Nanonation’s ImmersionPlatform

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Lincoln, Nebraska-based Nanonation is introducing a new software platform for immersive in-store experiences.

The company’s new ImmersionPlatform offers retailers more options for delivering intelligent and impactful in-store experiences. From digital signage to interactive screens to mobile solutions, the new ImmersionPlatform provides innovative, intelligent experiences where and when customers need them, and, says company management, delivered faster and less expensive then ever before.

Nanonation’s ImmersionPlatform consist of three new product lines designed from the ground up to enable seamless delivery of content to a network of screens and devices. In addition, each product offers an ability to change experiences as needed while measuring the results with metrics and reporting.

  • Aura provides a seamless way to enhance an environment with the sights and sounds of an in-store branded audio and video network. With Aura, Nanonation offers a turnkey package of digital signage software and content to match the brand environment.

    Aura packages up demographically targeted music genres, legendary footage, and great music to engage, entertain, and educate customers – complete with ASCAP/BMI licensing and bundled pricing model. Bundled pricing includes software, content, content licensing, and the tools to monitor, measure and manage the audio and video environment.

  • Pinpoint offers a simple and powerful way to create and deploy interactive touchscreen applications. From product information kiosks to in-store focused web content, Pinpoint enables retailers to create a personalized, branded touchscreen experience at a fraction of the time and costs of custom development.

    Pinpoint empowers customers with interactive product finder and informational screens with a flexible architecture that enables rapid prototyping as well as the ability to scale for large rollouts. Users can choose from a library of layouts, formats, and interactive experiences and customize with their own product information, colors, logos and data to give each deployment a unique and differentiated customer experience. With built-in reporting and monitoring users can measure the results and make rapid changes to get the most from each customer interaction.

  • Showcase offers a suite of digital signage tools designed for different network needs. From enterprise digital signage to single location environments, Showcase offers better way to promote, share and influence the in-store customer. Showcase comes in a variety of flavors including versions tailored for Android, Apple’s iOS iPad, and Windows environments.

“Customer experience technologies are what we do,” says Brian Ardinger, Nanonation senior vice-president and chief marketing officer.

“Our new ImmersionPlatform expands the opportunities and ability for retailers to deploy solutions to promote products, inform their customers, and educate employees. It’s a scalable platform for everything from interactive screens to menu boards to and employee messaging.”

Some key points from the announcement: –

  1. Today’s retail environments are distinguished and differentiated by the sights, sounds and senses as much as they are the products and services offered
  2. Technology is playing a major role in delivering these experiences
  3. Nanonation has long been engaging customers, empowering brands, and impacting the bottom line with software that makes it easy and affordable to create, deploy, and measure a multitude of customer experiences

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