Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport

Andrew Neale

Some good advertising for Intel and their boot BIOS at Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport earlier today…

See ‘Using Windows As A Signage Platform‘ although this might NOT be a Windows problem

What you see above is sometimes what you get when your main partition’s boot sector is ‘buggered’ – err I am showing my age here but isn’t this a typical problem that we used to have with Windows 2000?, Ed

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  1. Jim N Says:

    You should really charge for this service. Reporting downed systems should be worth something, especially when you have a screen shot of the error message.

  2. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    The boot sector is common to all OS types – it’s the bit that starts the OS in the first place (some compression of facts may have taken place there).

    Generally due to a hard disk failure or the chipset that talks to the disk.

    Either way, of course they will have a NOC that will know about this over the network and will already have sent out an engineer… if not, come and talk to us!

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