JCDecaux’s Intelligent Street Furniture, Paris – Part 2/4

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The Digital Totem is another of four JCDecaux items 0f Intelligent Street Furniture selected by the City of Paris designed to make Paris easier to navigate and more accessible for the public.

The Digital Totem is an information system specifically designed for Paris. The large screen provides outstanding image quality even in bright light with high-definition digital imaging. The content is managed remotely and can be updated in real time. Designed by Patrick Jouin, the Digital Totem will provide information about the range of cultural activities in Paris, the latest municipal news as well as Twitter updates from the Town Hall.

Located on the corner of rue de Rivoli and rue Saint Denis, it offers a vibrant showcase for the City’s communications.

The other installations in this 4-part series can be found here: –

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