#ScreenmediaExpo Multi-Channel Msg Mgmt In Retail

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ComQi‘s CEO, Ajay Chowdhury will be beating the this-is-not-only-digital-signage drum yet again with his presentation at #ScreenmediaExpo on Wednesday 16th at 1.30 pm which explores the topic of ‘Multi-Channel Message Management In Retail‘.

His presentation is aimed directly at retailers and addresses issues that they are facing more and more, for example; how to compete effectively with the online world? Are smartphones a threat or an opportunity, and how can you effectively find out more about your customers?

Ajay (who is also most likely to be presenting on Day two of our Digital Signage Investor Conference in NYC in October) will share his thoughts on how to analyse a customer’s frame of mind with the right media and customise the experience in order to engage the customer and reinforce the brand.

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