The Retail Business Show

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Retail Business Show is on at the National Hall, Olympia, London on January 28th & 29th 2009.

We noticed back in December that The Screen were cleverly pitching / promoting a number of breakfast style briefings over both days alongside the event – well sort-of ‘alongside’ as the initial idea seemed to be that they were off-site, lasted all day and were actually no where near Olympia (transport was somehow to be provided to and from the show).

Anyway now it appears that common sense has prevailed and the two day event is being held at Olympia, alongside the show proper. Attendance is free and open to any visitors to the Retail Business Show.

This is usually not a bad show – last year of course it was co-located with Screen Expo Europe and this is the first year that the retail event will be standalone.

There are a lot of the same old speakers and vendors who keep turning up then actually saying little (far too many actually and you just know that so many of the speakers will use the podium to peddle their own solutions) BUT there are some interesting topics nonetheless – Simon Rees from Avanti Screenmedia, someone who doesn’t often take to the stage, will be well worth listening to for example.

Day 1: Session 1 – Searching for ROI

In this session the panel will explore the different models used by retailers to build an ROI case around digital signage. From pure 3rd party media sales to direct operational business benefits – the panel will explore how different businesses employ different arguments to underpin their investment decisions.

  • Tom Mason, Project Manager, Media Services, Barclays Bank & Stuart Liddle, Sales Manager, C-nario UK – Digital signage for banking
  • Susan Beetlestone, Head of Commercial Marketing , The Co-operative & Stuart Tiedeman , Managing Partner abc media group – Below the Line: Co-Op and abc media
  • Simon Rees, Chief Executive, Avanti Screenmedia plc

Day 1: Session 2: Reaching The Customer

In this session the panel will explore the techniques used by digital signage companies to engage with customers. Retail media needs to more than expensive digital wallpaper and the panel will look at how content, screen design and multi-channel concepts can all be used to draw-in and enthuse consumers.

  • Nick Gale, Managing Director, Realisation Marketing Services
  • Ian Larkman, Merchandising Sales Manager, Digital View Ltd
  • Stephen Randall, Chief Executive, Locamoda Inc

Day 2: Session 3 – Measuring Success

In this session the panel will explore how best to measure the success of a digital signage implementation. Improving ROI and fine-tuning an implementation is all about understanding how customers and staff engage with the media and what direct actions it drives. From call-to-action, to interactive engagement, improved efficiency and direct behavioural measurement – this session looks to show how different companies define their success.

  • Neil Farr, Managing Director of Working Solutions Ltd
  • Terry Green, Head Of Knowledge & Learning, Q-Matic Group Ltd
  • Xavier Capelledes, Founder of Wututu SA & Francesc Ortin, Manager Sony Style Boutique

Day 2: Session 4: Making It Happen

In this session the panel will sum up how all this boils down into actually getting a network out into the field. From selecting your equipment partners, to installation, network management and content provision. The panel will bring real world experience of the paths different networks have followed and describe the day-to-day experience of running an in-store channel.

  • Brian Dusho, Head of Marketing & Strategy, BroadSign Inc.
  • Peter Critchley, Chief Executive, Beaver Group Ltd
  • Lee Booth, Chief Executive, Intelligent Media Networks Ltd

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