Tapjoy Launches $5 Million Tapjoy Asia Fund

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Tapjoy, a San Francisco-based mobile advertising and publishing platform has launched a new program called the Tapjoy Asia Fund, backed by a $5 million investment and designed to encourage and support developers throughout Asia in the innovation and growth of Free-to-Play mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform whose unique Mobile Value Exchange model allows users to select personalized advertisements with which to engage for virtual rewards or premium content.

Marking the company’s continued commitment to the Asia Pacific market, with offices already located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul, the Tapjoy Asia Fund offers monetary and marketing support to both new mobile game studios starting a new venture and experienced game developers looking to self-publish and grow their user base for current apps.

Developers participating in the Tapjoy Asia Fund will have the opportunity to leverage Tapjoy’s:

  • Working capital needed to get started;
  • Distribution for new user acquisition through Tapjoy’s industry-leading ad network;
  • Ad Marketplace that allows developers to unlock revenue streams and monetize users through Tapjoy’s Mobile Value Exchange platform;
  • Consulting and optimization of all user acquisition campaigns to achieve maximum efficiency;
  • Real-time reporting.

“We are committed to helping developers bring fun, engaging mobile games and experiences to market successfully,” says Mihir Shah, Tapjoy CEO. “Providing a level playing field in which developers large and small can have their apps discovered will only strengthen the mobile marketplace for everyone. It is our hope that theTapjoy Asia Fund will be as well received as the Tapjoy Android Fund we launched in the U.S. last year which resulted in 155 new apps being developed.”

Tapjoy is the largest and most effective platform to help mobile app developers distribute and monetize their content, spanning more than 20,000 mobile applications and reaching more than 600 million mobile consumers. The company’s ad-funded payment platform and app discovery marketplace is used by thousands of leading app developers.

Applications for the Tapjoy Asia Fund will now be accepted.

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