IAB Canada Offering Mobile Marketing Courses

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Those interested in learning more about Mobile Marketing may be interested in these English-language courses being offered in Toronto and Montreal on June 4 and June 21 respectively.

These courses help keep the Canadian Marketing community up-to-date with latest innovations and best practices within the Interactive sector.

The Intensive, one-day course In Mobile Marketing, is a full eight-hours long, and is designed to provide registrants with both the information needed to build a Mobile Marketing strategy, as well as a detailed look at the different tools and tactics that can be used to harness the power of Mobile – including Mobile Messaging (SMS), Mobile Internet + Internet Advertising, Mobile Applications, Mobile Social Media, Location-Based Marketing, Mobile Commerce, Coupons, Augmented Reality, Search and more.

The course is recommended for Advertiser Brand and Product Managers; Agency Media Buyers and Planners (small, medium or large scale); Agency Account Directors, Managers; Online and offline Publisher Sales Reps and Marketing Professionals; Business Owners (small, medium or large scale); Recent Graduates of traditional Marketing Degree or Diploma Programs (which may not have included, or fully explored Interactive channels within the curriculum).

Registration is open now until 12 noon, the day before the Event or Course occurs, for ALL IAB Canada Events or Courses. The Mobile Marketing courses cost $400 for members and $500 for non-members.

For further information and to register, go to the IAB Canada web page.

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