Behbehani Group Chooses Prysm For Kuwait Watch Boutique

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Exclusive watch retailer MYB Watches, part of the Behbehani Group, has installed a Prysm 2m x 1.2m Laser Phosphor Display videowall, for its new boutique, opened Tuesday in the brand new Al Hamra Tower Mall in Kuwait.

This is the first Prysm Video wall installation in Kuwait.

The new store is located in the Al Hamra Tower Mall, the world’s tallest sculpted tower and now the tallest building in Kuwait. The 2m x 1.2m Prysm wall is located within the 500 sq. meters store, which is adorned with watches and jewellery from prestigious brands Cartier, Breguet, Blancpain, Hublot, Roger Dubuis, Omega, Baume et Mercier and many others.

Mahesh Nallaperumal, managing partner, Elite International, Behbehani’s audiovisual consultant engineer, proposed and supplied the Prysm display solution, to complement the boutique’s environment and decor with a seamless display with brilliant image quality.

Prysm and Elite International worked with Behbehani Group, owner of MYB Watches, to install the videowall, which is a flagship element of the new store.

“We wanted the latest technology for this store, and the Prysm videowall allows us to create a seamless display, to showcase the brands on a large screen which blends in with the luxurious environment of the store,” says Shahzad Gidwani, general manager – Trading Division at M.Y. Behbehani Group. “The opening of the Al Hamra Tower Mall is a very prestigious moment for Kuwait and MYB Watches is right at the heart of that.”

The retail mall is 250,000 square feet spread over five-stories with 77 stores, an integrated 10-screen cinema complex and IMAX theatres, an 11- floor car park, a health club and a food court.

“We witnessed Prysm display at InfoComm and what instantly stood out was the quality of the picture, which is essential when representing such high end brands,” says Eric Rodricks, sales manager for the Projects Department, Behbehani Group. “The power consumption was also very desirable, with the whole wall only using 360 watts of power. The display really captures attention and reflects the MYB watch brand and its premium image.”

“Choosing the best solution for such a niche requirement was indeed a challenge due to the limited installation space availability,” says Nallaperumal. “Looking at the technical advantages that Prysm furnished compared to other display wall technologies, the decision to propose LPD technology was quite easy. Low power consumption, lesser heat dissipation, lifelong uniformity, 0.25mm seam gap, easy maintenance accessibility, etc., were the prime factors that helped to convince the client. We are proud to provide the first Prysm display wall solution in Kuwait.”

“Laser Phosphor Display is the ideal platform for retail applications with its low power consumption, ultra wide viewing angle and minimal seam gap,” says Tanvir Osama, director of sales in the Middle East and India for Prysm. “The displays also emit no heat which means that no additional cooling infrastructure is required. Over time, the Prysm installation will also reduce the total cost of ownership of the display in comparison to using another technology. As part of our commitment to the installation, we also provided training for Elite International’s engineers, who are now very familiar with the technology.”

Prysm is a privately held company based in San Jose, California, with sales offices in New York, San Jose, London and Dubai.

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  1. Robert Lewis Says:

    How can a screen measuring only 2m x 1.2m be described as a “video wall”?!@

  2. Sunil Kumar Says:

    A screen built using more than 1 display unit is called as ‘video wall’. Here the screen is constructed using 12 units of Laser Phosphor Display units, each measuring 25″ diagonal with a seam gap of less than 0.5mm. I have witnessed this screen personally. The quality is extraordinary and amazing 🙂

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