The Store Fights Back

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Store Fights Back: Energizing the Retail Experience through Digital Signage‘ is next up in the DSF’s Summer Webinar Series.

It takes place June 13th at 2pm EDT and will feature Bryan Meszaros, Director, Strategy & Development, OpenEye, Chris Heap and John Schreiber, Vice President and Senior Creative Director, IDL Worldwide.

Meszaros argues that stores must do more than simply “inform, educate, and promote” – they should enable customer interaction and engagement by developing innovative in-store experiences that combine multiple channels and empower the consumer decision-making process.

The webcast will…

  1. Identify strategies that can be used to optimize how customers hunt for product information
  2. Explain how digital signage fits into the overall cross-channel experience
  3. Explore methods that tie digital signage directly into the customer’s path to purchase

George Yunis, co-Chair of the DSF’s Education Committee told us “Retailers looking for strategies on how to effectively use digital signage within their shopping environments will come away from this presentation with a better understanding of how to utilize existing assets, engage their customers, and more effectively drive sales.”

To register for the DSF’s June 13 web event, or any of the DSF’s Summer Webinar Series, please go to, or click here.

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