Exclusive Indoor Advertising Agreement For Newad

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Newad has made an exclusive indoor advertising agreement with New City Gas, a historic landmark and multidisciplinary space with a capacity of more than 4,000 in Montreal’s booming Griffintown district.

New City Gas was the hub and anchoring jewel of all activities at the C2-MTL event which was underway all this week.

In addition to its Classic boards, which are already in service, Newad will unveil high-definition digital boards and mega banners at the locale over the coming weeks. Throughout the summer, New City Gas – one of Montreal’s five biggest multimedia venues – will welcome many high-profile international artists, most notably Moby, Tiësto and David Guetta, hence attracting an audience in sync with the positioning of Newad, a Canadian company helping advertisers reach the Young & Affluent across the country.

“This partnership with one of the most prestigious cultural venues in Montreal and Canada is perfectly in line with the strategic development plan for Newad’s Indoor network, and it allows us once again to stand out from the competition,” says Philippe Marchessault, Newad’s executive vice-president of operations, development, and innovation, Indoor Advertising.

La Presse, Montreal French-language daily reported that ‘arrival of New City Gas is very good news for music lovers. From the chic bathrooms and the coatroom to the bar, nothing was left to chance, whether it be aesthetic considerations or the space’s practical design, aimed at facilitating crowd movement. A modern LED lighting system will highlight the venue’s rich history and a staircase will allow artists direct access from the dressing rooms to the stage’.

Held there, C2-MTL was a completely different kind of global conference, one that explored the relationship between commerce and creativity and its potential to redefine business. This immersive three-day event showcased the value of using both the left and right sides of our brains to optimize our thinking potential, and offered participants practical advice and work tools to apply this integrated thinking approach to business.

This first edition – now planned as an annual event – featured non-traditional experiences including talks by top-tier speakers from across the globe, special presentations from creative partner Cirque du Soleil, immersive exhibitions, a creativity Boot Camp, collaborative events and more. In the evenings, participants – from young entrepreneurs to C-level business executives -were invited to recharge their minds and bodies with a host of festivities including music, projections, parties and performances showcasing some of Montreal’s greatest creators.
We’ll look forward to seeing what Newad does with the space.

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