Bluefox et leur Motion Gallery particulier

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bluefox Logo

These guys, Bluefox, are going to be at Screen Expo early next year and they just made contact to invite us on to their stand for a glass of wine (and some cheese surely?) and take a better look at what they are doing.

In simplistic terms they seem to be a little bit like the (old) BBC Motion Gallery, with the ability to supply networks with English and French content

The sort of material that they have available is…

  • News :

    Presentation : 20 titled photos per day
    Principal themes : France, International, Sport
    Update : every 30 minutes
    Languages : French, English

  • Weather :

    Presentation : national, regional, local maps, with same day and next day
    Update : twice daily
    Languages : French, English

  • Horoscope :

    Presentation : table with pictogrammes
    Update : daily, weekly, monthly
    Languages : French, English

  • TV Programming :

    Presentation : Prime time for digital channels, free to air and TNT, digital and Canal+
    Update : daily
    Languages : French, English

  • News Events :

    Presentation : Titled photos, numbers depend on the event.
    Themes available : cultural and sporting events : Rugby World Cup 2007, Festival de Cannes (film), Route de Rhum (sailing).
    Update : daily, twice daily.
    Languages : depends on events.

  • Humour :

    Presentation : quiz
    Update : daily
    Languages : French

  • People :

    Presentation : Information on French and International people
    Update : daily
    Languages : French, English

  • Dailies :

    Presentation : day, date, saint of the day and the next day, weather notions, menu ideas
    Update : daily
    Languages : French, English

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